Primal EP

by Entheos

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All songs written and performed by ENTHEOS
Lyrics by Chaney Crabb


released March 15, 2015

Produced and mixed by Navene Koperweis
Drum production and mastering by Zack Ohren



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Track Name: Specific Meaning In A Group Of Dots
Perhaps it’s known / the tone has returned, as I’d hoped / you were on a bitter path. / in thought, I'd give it birth / out of the ditch / an end to the war of turmoil / i’ll be there for the flight of my open mind / impossible defeat/ far from eloquence/ but in flesh i write / i have ceased to be known in the place that i have come to know and learn / my imposition / takes hold / in the place that i learn / words of praise / as they shed / and no time to relate your new being / revel in your blood / it’s a sign / of dominion / oh, the things you’ll never relearn / it will all mean nothing in the light of the future / through the open door/ in the light / harnessing, rebuilding / in the light / of my fate / blinded by open eyes / when dead ends meet / it will be known / we know the better way.
Track Name: Primal
Focus shifts turning forward/ we long to feel our bodies realigned and integrated/these cycles have become endless and in time exaggerated/ The chaos engineers a pattern that I have come to terms with. Dialogue isolates us with no power/ is this consistent with any reality that you have witnessed before?/familiarity and change align/free-floating, but inevitably consumed by the weight/pillar by pillar we are socialized and integrated/trudging forth within the burrows of the earth/this day will end/disregarding intuition/thoughts lie/the human kind/pasts collide, birthing a new existence/searching for higher planes/human codes/cyclical process/ one which will guide us, and in time / pasts collide birthing a new existence/i pray for elevation/fever dreams; forward, but descending into the hollow center/ focus shifts/balance begins to tilt/gravity retreats from itself/this day is endless/this separates us/ tension shifts away imbalance/ tidal waves wash over me/ tension shifts, and to keep balance/ contort appropriately/forward progressions/infinite, endless/back to the source to recharge and flow again
Track Name: Chemical Flashbacks
bathe in transparence/bathe in a new existence/pull me from this vessel that i own/gravity is binding and unnecessary/pull me from this vessel that i own/floating through the clouds/trying to remain human/ i have shed so much within these four walls/ a cold calm embraces me/ anxiety/aging and eating away/ the clouds will fall from the sky/ a cold calm embraces me/ in a war of body versus mind versus the outside/a necessary fragment of the idol/the clouds will fall from the sky/we will be whole again /and through the fragments/i crawl for a bed of light/ night after night i only aim to realign myself with all that i've created/ and the world as we see it continues to burn/ the darkness washes over us/ and the / the living, breathing, vibrant being won’t stare into the light/ the living, breathing, vibrant being can’t stand to peer into the light/ bathe in transparence
Track Name: Form and Void
We are the intrinsic entity / one with each word / free-flowing, and ever-changing / we are the vulnerable mind. / free-flowing, and ever-changing / we are the form, and we're the void. / we pulsate with information / I fear that we are forgetting how to live life passionately / keep breathing. / And if we are, indeed, forgetting how to live life passionately / keep bleeding. / Independently, we will come to realize / that we are of one mind. / free-float / bare witness to the changing of the Earth / how will we ever learn / if we don't move forward?