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Focus shifts turning forward/ we long to feel our bodies realigned and integrated/these cycles have become endless and in time exaggerated/ The chaos engineers a pattern that I have come to terms with. Dialogue isolates us with no power/ is this consistent with any reality that you have witnessed before?/familiarity and change align/free-floating, but inevitably consumed by the weight/pillar by pillar we are socialized and integrated/trudging forth within the burrows of the earth/this day will end/disregarding intuition/thoughts lie/the human kind/pasts collide, birthing a new existence/searching for higher planes/human codes/cyclical process/ one which will guide us, and in time / pasts collide birthing a new existence/i pray for elevation/fever dreams; forward, but descending into the hollow center/ focus shifts/balance begins to tilt/gravity retreats from itself/this day is endless/this separates us/ tension shifts away imbalance/ tidal waves wash over me/ tension shifts, and to keep balance/ contort appropriately/forward progressions/infinite, endless/back to the source to recharge and flow again


from Primal EP, released March 15, 2015



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